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Chris, Congratulations of the finding and planned purchase. I am in a similar "boat' where my purchase will be in the later of 2018 for a 2019 early departure date. Just have to finish obligations with work before leaving. 

1. Please watch the Thailand import taxes and rates for getting work done there. I believe Rolly Tasker is in Thailand, so they might be of some assistance for the rigging gear, quality of SS should be on par with them. 
2. If I am correct in my reading------the front mainstay (jib/genoa) bottom turnbuckle is different than all the others. You will likely NEED to order that through Amel so you have it. The rigging companies have similar pieces, however on the SM the part is shorter due to the furling motor and they wont have one that works. S/V DELOS has a video showing removal and the part on youtube if you desire. 
3. I would specifically speak to Bill Rouse for any and all information that he has gathered over the years for the boat. As a resource, no matter how good of a sailor or expert in repairs you are, he has photos  and specific how-to's that are available. He has actually formed an Amel school where he teaches all that is needed to new owners. Invaluable to an owner IMHO. 

Good luck, and keep us informed for what your doing,

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Congratulations enjoy your new adventure. 
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Everything has finally paid off, we have concluded our search for a Super Maramu, we are in contract to purchase "Lena S", SM224, she is a 1998 boat.

We plan to start the adventures in the later half of July, she is located in Phuket, Thailand.
There is quite a long list of jobs that we intend to do, so i look forward to any suggestions and helpful hints.

We are undecided on the name, but likely to leave it as "Lena" and probably register her Australian flag.

Some of the things we are planning short term are replacing the standing and running rigging, maybe a new main and genoa.  Just want to check spare main and headsail first.

I need to also order a Raymarine radar antenna/scanner. 2 or 4KW?  Size? 24"?  Pros/cons?

Lots to think about and plan over the next month, not to mention pack up all of our househo ld belongings and find some sort of storage.

We are a family of 4 with 2 boys aged 3 and 4.  Not sure about itinerary but likely stay in Thailand for 2-3 months and ease into living onboard without any stress of long passages.  this time shall also be used to bring the vessel up to standard and work out what equipment we need.

Lots to do, but very exciting.  

Chris Shiels
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