Hard deposits on 8-month old water heater heating unit



After 8 months of use, the heating unit on our Quick B3 heater came out completely covered in hard white deposits.  It was a bit difficult to pull it out from its slot and some of the deposits fell inside the heater.

Please consider the attached picture.  I will now install our spare.  Both the used unit and the spare are factory-original Quick parts.

Is this a water quality problem?  We were 3 months on municipal water in Venice and we filled the tank thrice on separate visits to the marina in Tivat, Montenegro over a 5-week period.  As a full tank lasts a while, the use is:

• 5 months shore water

• 3 months watermaker water.  The watermaker works at 150 PPM.

Or is this an electrical problem?  The heater was set to Max (80°C).  I will now set it to 70°C.

Tips or comments much appreciated.


SM2K N. 350 (2002)

At anchor, Bozburun {Muğla, Turkey}


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