Re: Dessalator Duo D60 Problems

Duane Siegfri


Thanks for the clarification (only needed because jumped to a conclusion!).  I assumed that the filter was likely the only place a blockage could happen, but as you point out, that's a big leap.

If I disconect the seawater hose from the CAT pump and get a good flow, that may answer the supply problem.  I'm not sure how much flow is enough but if it only trickles out that's obviously a problem. It could be the seawater manifold is clogged, but I've been using the airconditioners and they seem to work fine.  If it's not the manifold it could be the three way valve, or the hoses.  I need to replace the three way valve anyway.

The question in my mind is why it works fine for 30 minutes to 2 hours before it fails?  If it were a supply problem I would think it would shut down pretty quickly.  By the way, it shuts itself down by either by going below or above the green zone.

I'll check the seawater flow and see how that goes first of course (hopefully it's that simple).

Thanks for your interest, I'll get back to you.

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