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There is a spring that controlls the clutch pin, if that is compromised you can get this sort of problem. So if you can't feel the resistance from a spring pusching the clutch pin,  this might be the case. Unfortunately we haven't had the need to figure out how to reach that spring. But there is a drawing of the furler on the forum, check the documents file or photos.

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I've had issues twice now with a partly furled jib unrolling by itself.

This is not an issue where the sail was loosely furled.  I had the sail unrolled for about 50% area in a 15-20 knot wind.  The sail unfurled suddenly with a loud "BANG" and then we were dealing with too much sail.

I don't see anything in the Amel Manual that would advise against using the roller furling as roller reefing.

The first time it happened the chrome clutch pin moved up and we could not furl the sail until I figured out it was the clutch pin.  The clutch pin on Wanderer was held from lifiting upward by multiple plastic wire ties which were broken by the sail unfurling.  I used mousing wire to hold it down in place so it wasn't a problem furling the sail in this time.

Question 1:  Is the jib furling meant to act as roller reefing?

Question 2:  What could be the problem causing the sail to unfurl?  It furls normally so I would not think the gears are stripped, but it is still possible I suppose.

Question 3:  Why does the clutch pin need wire ties to hold it down?  I don't see any set screws or other attachments that are missing.  Is this somehow connected to the unfurling problem?

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