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Chris Shiels <rettirc@...>

That is good advice. 

Funny enough the AC did not work. All units in the boat turned on, but were cutting out due to high pressure, checked the calpeda pump, it looked quite new, but was not running. 
It does turn freely, I think it is a voltage issue to pump, maybe a beaker somewhere?  Capacitor?  
I was doing a pre purchase inspection, not troubleshooting. I am sure it shall be an easy fix. 
Probably one of the first jobs when we get to the boat mid to late July.  
We shall get an apartment for a week or two and transition onboard. 


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Does Lena S have air conditioning?  If so, make sure it's functioning well.  If not, I strongly recommend you consider a portable a/c.  If you plan to spend several months in Phuket working on your boat, you are going to want some escape from the weather.  We had Libertad in Phuket for two months and while we got a lot done on her I've never been more miserable doing projects.

Dennis Johns
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