Good timing on this post from you about Propspeed. I'm hauled out at
Cape Marina in Port Canaveral right now and I was wondering what to
do about lasting antifouling protection on my MaxProp. I emailed the
folks at Propspeed USA in Ft. Lauderdale and inquired about their
sample kit.

I've had the tin-based Micron 33 wet sand-blasted from the hull and
keel. Super Maramu hull #5 looks great and even the iron keel is in
fine shape after 18 or so years in the water. I went the wet
sandblasting route rather than having a build up of the Micron 33
paint plus a barrier paint plus the copper-based Micron 66--and it's
been good to get a look at the bare metal keel surface as well (which
did not have any epoxy system on it.) I'll be applying two-part epoxy
barrier coats to both the keel and the hull (as a protection measure
against any possbility of future blisters). Of course, as Joel
mentions, I'll have to do the keel in sections with wire brushing to
remove the rust 'film' immediately before epoxying.

SM#5 Spice

--- In, Steve Leeds
<yachtmaccabee@...> wrote:

I'm sure his prop (and yours) is bronze and not brass or
steel. I used a relatively new New Zealand product called Prop-
which is now sold in the US at my last haul over two years ago. At
months it was as good as new. I just completed a haul at 26 months
and I
had a little growth on the leading edge. The product is very
but obviously works. Very little is needed and it should be mixed
small mixing cups or it will be wasted. I have used the 250ml kit
and there is tons left. I noticed that there is a new smaller kit
available called a "sample" kit which would be more than enough for
several sailboat props. The kit includes a two part primer and a
silicon-like coating.

My boat has been lightly used the last two years. I suspect the
will work well on a boat which is used more often but may not last
as long.


Steve Leeds

Sharki 121

Circumnavigator's Yacht Service, Fort Lauderdale

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