Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Seeking an Amel Super Maramu


Once I get the aircon working, (amongst other things) I need to replace the Raymarine SL80c plotters' Radome/radar antenna. I need advice whether to search for a 2 or 4kw radar? (18 or 24") scanner.  Is it really worth going for the bigger unit?  Pros/cons, what is standard?  
I have used radar extensively in the past but much larger units.  Is a 2kw unit sufficient?  Is it cluttered with all of the rigging?

Anther item on the list is trying to find a new plug for the handset on the SSB, it is a Furuno 1550.  It is a 6 pin plug, any suggestions for sources?

There is a job list a mile long and growing, trying to source as much as l can before we leave Australia. 

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