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You will find many conflicting opinions on this subject. 

I believe that you should never run a watermaker at pressure above the Filmtec rating, but more importantly, never above the production rating. For instance, if your watermaker is rated at 160 because the two membranes are rated at 80 liters/hour, never run it producing more than 160. Check the flow glass and adjust the pressure to produce 160 even if the needle is below the green. Too much flow and/or pressure will fracture membranes. 

Now, recycling product water: I have never done this, but the physics of RO membranes tells me that it will likely require less pressure to get 160 liters/hour. 

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I am pretty sure that the pressure needs to be lowered considerably  when processing fresh water to avoid damage to the membranes.  Perhaps Bill or someone else can clarify.

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Bill Kinney,

I did not know you could safely run fresh water through the desalinator... Good to know.

The first year we cruised we had very good Deka lead acid batteries.  But there were 78 caps to check... and like you said, one had to go look for distilled water... which we did in Port Washington, NY... what a drag... so at the end of the year, we threw them away and went with sealed AGMs.  It's been a bit over two years, and so far, so good... and there are no caps to check.


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