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Been keeping up with these posts

John, wish I knew you were in Charleston, dammit, was home for 2x weeks in May and looked at a Beneteau 473 there. I am from Pawleys Island. Going to get a SM for sure, but Beneteau 473 or larger is the backup. I have a hard deadline on when I need to leave to sail. 

While home, I used Garmins Chartplotter GPSmap 7612 (pair of them) for offshore fishing and used radar overlays etc.... loved them and the absolute ease of use. However, in my research (I am sure whatever SM I buy will or could use a somewhat total rebuild of the electronics) the Furuno NavNet series seemed to be really user friendly and would possibly interconnect with some of the current systems in use by many SM's. Not sure but its possible the radar units might not even have to be changed out. 

I also have been researching Maretron products. This is likely what I will plan to use. Keep some of what will be on the boat, then change out what is only necessary to make better or increase the reliability of the parts, and add in what toys I might want. 

Hope this somewhat helps. 
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Hi Chris,
   Congrats on Lena!   My SM came with a mixed bag of electronics that don't interact with each other.  Garmin chart plotter/AIS, Furuno radar and GPS.  The previous owner installed a new Raymarine Evo autopilot and control head which is connected to none of the above.  
I am looking at the Raymarine es78 multifunction display/chart plotter and a Raymarine Quantum radar.  The new Raymarine geear all talks to each other and can link up using built in wifi.  Makes installation so easy I can do it.  ;)

Here in the States you can buy a package deal including both the radar and es78 for $2200 USD.  

This would allow newest radar tech, chart plotter and autopilot to be combined on one screen.  The AIS would need to use a separate connection unless I got the Raymarine AIS but that is still $600...

Anyway new digital radar units use way less power any should be ok.  My old Furuno 1623 works fine and shows targets and weather reliably and consistent with observations.  New gear I expect to be better but if I were cash strapped the Furuno is fine.

Regards,  John

John Clark
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Once I get the aircon working, (amongst other things) I need to replace the Raymarine SL80c plotters' Radome/radar antenna. I need advice whether to search for a 2 or 4kw radar? (18 or 24") scanner.  Is it really worth going for the bigger unit?  Pros/cons, what is standard?  
I have used radar extensively in the past but much larger units.  Is a 2kw unit sufficient?  Is it cluttered with all of the rigging?

Anther item on the list is trying to find a new plug for the handset on the SSB, it is a Furuno 1550.  It is a 6 pin plug, any suggestions for sources?

There is a job list a mile long and growing, trying to source as much as l can before we leave Australia. 

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