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Mohammad Shirloo


The manufacturer of the valve on Kokomo is Burkert and the part number is 125657. It is a 24V 1/2" valve female threaded both sides.

We could not find the same in Turkey quickly, so a local marine supplier was able to find an equivalent with exact same electrical and plumbing connections. 1/2 hour of work and so far everything is working fine.


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Exactly, the valves are 24VDC solenoid-controlled to open and spring-loaded to close. The solenoid is stronger than the spring, so when these valves get corroded, they will stick open. 

I do not have the part number of what Jabsco calls "water control solenoid valve," but every 54 owner should have two of them as spares

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Hello Jeff;

We had a similar issue with both heads at the same time. However the solenoid valves would close after pressing the water switch several times.

There is a three wire connector at the back of the solenoid valve. I believe when you press the water valve button, power is applied and the valve opens to allow water into the bowl. When power is removed, the closure is by some mechanical means. That explains why removal of power or connectors does not assist in valve closure.

We changed both valves and all is well. It may be possible to open the valve and repair the issue, but I wanted it fixed now and left the valve repair as some future project.


Mohammad And Aty
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Good Morning Amelians,

Recently, my forward head began an unprompted overflowing of fresh water. The 54 uses fresh water to flush the toilets. I had to shut off the fresh water pump to de-pressurize the fresh water system to stop the flow.

I tried to disconnect the various wires on the switch, with the hope that one would stop/start the flow. There is on option on the switch that activates flow, so I was trying to determine if the switch (and specifically that option on the switch), was defective.

Unfortunately, after every combination of wires were disconnected, including total disconnection, the flow continued whenever I re-pressurized the fresh water system.

Further investigation revealed that there is, what appears to be a black junction box where the fresh water hose is routed through. I'm wondering if there is a valve within, that is activated by the switch starting/stopping f low.

Could the valve be stuck open? Has anyone experienced this problem? I'm assuming that the 53 may have a similar valve, only it allows salt water flow.

To temporarily use that toilet, I disconnected the hose going into the toilet, and deadheaded the hose. A bucket of water from the sink was used to flush. At the time, it was effective to allow the temporary use of that crapper.

I'm not aboard, and won't be for about 5 weeks.

Any feedback is appreciated.

Best Regards to All.

Jeff Spirit Amel 54 #14

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