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eric freedman

Hi Bill,

Thank you.

I have written both of them.

Fair Winds,


Amel Super Maramu #376 Kimberlite


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Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: Bilge Ground Strap and Cartagena, Colombia


The email addresses are:
Maria Josephina at Club de Pesca-Cartagena cpescacartagena "at"

Club Nautico - Contact John Halley gerencia "at"



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Club de Pesca - Contact Maria Josephina cpescacartagena@...

Address: Manga , San Sebastian del Pastelillo Fort

Tel:(57-5) 660-5578, Fax:(57-5) 660-5576

Phone number: (+57 5) 6605578 - 6605579 Fax (+57 5) 660 5576 <http://www.clubdepe

Club Nautico - Contact John Halley gerencia@...

Address: 19-50 Avenida Miramar Manga, Cartagena Colombia

Tel:(57-5) 660-4863, Fax:(57-5) 660-4863, VHF Channel 16 <http://www.clubnaut
I think Club de Pesca would be better for you because it is more
protected from the high winds that Cartagena is known for in the late
summer and fall. I would be afraid to leave my boat unattended at Club
Nautico when these winds occur. They can reach 40 - 50 kts. We
experienced two of these at 25-35kts within 48 hours of arriving about 6
weeks ago...none since then.

Both marinas have a large amount of barnacle and mussel growth
surrounding them. With the a/c running I have to clean the strainer
every 3 or 4 days. Once I had to disassemble the copper manifold to
remove barnacles and mussels because I did not clean the strainer for 2
weeks and they grew beyond the sea chest. I would have the bottom and
propeller cleaned by Alberto every 2 weeks at $20 - $25 per cleaning.

When you contact either of these places be sure to let them know your
visa status because they are accustomed to 60 day visa for US boats.
You will need an agent to clear your boat into Cartagena, either marina
will connect you an agent.

The email addresses above work for both of the marinas...try them as
your primary contact.

One benefit of moving your boat to Cartagena will be the close proximity
to the San Blas Islands.


s/v BeBe SM2 #387

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i can not seem to find the phone number for club de pesca.
do you have it. also the phone number of the club you are staying
at. i believe i can find someone to live aboard when i am not in
Colombia. why do you feel club de pesca would be better for me?
i have a 1 year Visa and a cedula for Colombia. i am in columbia
every 6 weeks. Check out the custom cotton shirts. they are Very
Very Cheap about 100,000 pesos for a 100% cotton custom shirt.
fair winds,
sm 376 Kimberlite

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