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Mohammad Shirloo

Hi bill; the number I posted was right off the part. However, since you posted that you could not locate it, I checked again and there is also a number 6213A on the part that maybe the correct number that burkert goes by. I can post a picture of any one is interested.


Mohammad and Aty
B&B Kokomo
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I believe that Amel did not use the Jabsco brand control valve which is shown in that video, rather used a much better German made control valve made by "Burkert and the part number is 125657." Amel has a history of using Burkert control valves. The solenoid for the cooking gas(z) is made by Burkert and it rarely fails...and it costs 3-4 times more than the typical West Marine solenoid valve. It is likely that the BURkert can also be cleaned.

Mohammad and Aty on B&B Kokomo is the one that gave me the part number of 125657, which I have not been able to locate. I think something is wrong with that part number.


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Jabsco has a video on how to repair the solenoid if something is stuck in the valve causing the problem you describe.

Bob, KAIMI SM 429

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