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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi Ian and Judy.
Our hull numbers are about the same.
We have a 100 amp and 30 amp dolphin mounted above and behind the gen set. Fit well there.
SM 299
Ocean Pearl

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Bill and Danny,

 Thanks. I have emailed Reya in Toulon , sent a photo and details of the problem so hope they will be able to fix it.

If not, I will come back to this site to see if anyone else has recommendations for alternatives. Unfortunately, Reya now make a 40 amp whose dimensions are  too big for my space  or a 20 amp which I could fit if I put it sideways, but I'm not sure how the fan would like that.

Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302 Italy

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Try the following contacts:
REYA - EUROMARINE - Groupe Alliance Marine
2599 Route de la Fénerie
06580 Pégomas
Tel. + 33 493 904 708
Fax + 33 493 902 440
Email: export"at"


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Hi Ian and Judy.
We contacted the dolphin manufacturer from Fiji regarding repair. Because of the impractability of two way transport from Fiji they gave us a great new price. This was 3 ,or so years ago. We were very impressed with their service, and with the product.
SM 299
Ocean Pearl

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Hi all,

 After 17 years of valiant service our 30 amp, 24v charger has died. The green light still shines brightly and the fan works, but no output. A local electrician has pronounced a problem with the circuit board. I have written to Reya to see if they will repair it, but they are not known as quick correspondents.

The thing I love about the Dolphin charger is that it is small and light ( less than 5 kg ).  To replace it means finding another which is no more than 28cm  high and  34 wide.  The depth isn't critical.

Has anyone had success in 

a) getting Reya to repair an old Dolphin,   or

b) finding a suitable alternative which can fir in the same space ?

Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302, Fiumicino, Italy

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