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Alexandre Uster von Baar

Thanks for the information Paul,

Sincerely, Alexandre
Port de Gustavia, Saint Barthélémy, FWI


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Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Forward water tank access
Date: Friday, June 23, 2017, 6:55 AM


The past two days we have had the
joy of cleaning our water
tank including the forward portion.  Gaining access to the
forward port
had its' challenges.  I know that Bill has a write up
on how to removed
the aft freezer however, our boat being a bit older was a
different.  These are the steps I took to remove the


1.  Remove all floor storage
access/floor panels below the dinette.  This is to access
the screws
at the bottom of the kick plate

2.  Removed the freezer lid. 
This just made it lighter to move, not sure if
necessary. This also made
it easier to remove the screws along the top of the freezer
that attach it to
the back of the cabinets

3.  Removed the lower bottle
holder/panel in the liquor cabinet. 

4.  Removed two screws at the lower
right corner as you are looking into the liquor cabinet. 
These screws
penetrate the back of the cabinet into the freezer box

5.  Removed the 5 screws along the
top of the fiberglass freezer box that attach it to the

6.  Removed the 5 screws along the
bottom of the kick plate on the fwd side of the freezer. 
One of mine was
hard to see as it was right in the corner next to the floor

7.  Remove the 3 screws that
the AC kick panel to the freezer kick panel right where they
meet.  These
screws are accessed from the AC side and can be hard to get
to.  I had to
move the AC unit in order to gain access to them.  Also the
bottom screw
was covered over with fiberglass tabbing so I'm sure my
forward portion of the
tank has never been cleaned. 

8.  At this point, you can lift the
freezer 8-10" and slide it forward enough to gain
access to the water


Note, I didn't have to
disconnect any
electrical or hoses.  The whole freezer moved as a unit. 
Also note
that you do not need to remove any of the top screws that
attach the kick plate
to the freezer


I have added photos to the photo
labeled "Trillium Aft Freezer Removal" for


Now I'm not going to go into
detail as to
how I cleaned the tanks as I could write a whole book on


Anyway, good luck if you attempt
it.  I know it can be a daunting task. 


Paul Schofield

SV Trillium

SM 215

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