Re: New e-mail address

Jose_Luis Isasi <jose.luis.isasi@...>


This is Jose_Luis, your alternative moderator (I am helping

1. What I can do for you is to add this new address as e-mail only
member. It will stand as a separate account/member. This means you
won't be able to use the group's web features (photos, files,
calendar, etc.) with this new account (you will need to use the old
one you already have for this).

This email-only account will receive a welcome email to the Group
without having first responded to an invitation.

2. Also I can send you an invitation to create a full access
alternative account.

3. Or, as Bill suggests, you can change your Yahoo email-address
yourself (I cannot do it). In case you want to keep your Yahoo
address separate, I suggest to follow 1 or 2 option.

Please confirm your preference.

Amel Euros

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<globalscanner44@...> wrote:

I wish to have my Amel Owners mail re-directed to my boat account
the address of which is:


Please confirm acknowledgement to this Yahoo with copy address


Frank Newton
'Bootlegger of Mann'
SM2000 #323

For ideas on reducing your carbon footprint visit Yahoo! For Good
this month.

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