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Mark Erdos

Hi Paul,


Thanks for sharing the Raymarine contact information. It’s always nice to have a list of good repair guys.


Regarding the Onan. It sounds as though the zinc separated from the brass bolt. If the zinc is just floating about inside the heat exchanger, then it is not doing much good in the way of preventing corrosion. Also, it could impair the flow of sea water and cause the genset to run hot. I would remove it.


There are removable caps on the ends of the heat exchanger. You should buy new seals for these ends if you plan to remove them. Once, the end caps are removed, you should be able to remove the zinc. You will probably have to remove the heat exchanger to work on the port side end. This is not very difficult to do. And, this would be a good time to properly clean out the heat exchanger at a local radiator shop.



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Hello to all.

Recently, I went to change the zinc on the Onan Generator, and when I unbolted the plug, I found the old zinc corroded in place.  At first I thought I would drill it out and replace it with a new one. Then the thought occurred to me, “why not just wait until it dissolves on its own”?
Any thoughts or recommendations would be appreciated.

I also wanted to pass along some information.  

Recently I began to have trouble with an old Raymarine RL80C Chart Plotter.  I contacted Dan Gerhardt who had been recommended on this forum, but he doesn’t repair chart plotters.  He recommended I call Steve Senft at Jaytron in Florida (steve at marineelectronics dot com - 941-748-1941). After trouble shooting things on the phone with him, I ended up sending the unit to him.  Unfortunately, after spending a number of hours on it, it was determined it was too far gone.  However, he sold me a used unit he had in house for about the same cost as the repair would have been.  

Based on my experience, I can highly recommend him for those of you who have some old equipment that you may not be ready to replace just yet, and need repair assistance.  He spent a good deal of time with me on the phone and via email, and helped me get what I needed for a very fair price.  He also moved me up in line so I would have a unit back in my hands, in time to travel back to the boat this weekend.

I hope someone will find this information useful and thank you in advance for any responses regarding the Onan Zinc.

All the best,

Paul Stascavage
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