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Chris Shiels <rettirc@...>

This is all now getting confusing!!!!
Max Prop, Auto Prop, c-drives, fixed prop, let me throw Spurs into the equation. 

The boat we are buying is a 1998, SM 224. 

What prop would have come standard from the factory at this time?

The original propeller had one of the blades depart. I believe that this prop is located at a local machine shop....if they can find it.  Aka: minus one blade.  I think I need to find out what this prop was before I proceed any further?

There is a fixed pitched prop fitted at the moment, I imagine this is the factory item, however I was happy to see there was a rope cutter fitted also. 

I shall do a little research and try to request a picture of the original prop. 

During sea trial, we could not get maximum rpm out of the engine with the fixed prop, only 2800rpm, I need to investigate why.  This was after pressure washing hull and cleaning the prop.  I suspect it could be blocked after the turbo, or the turbo needs an overhaul.  I shall investigate this later. 

We shall be moving to the boat (Thailand) later next month and want to organise as much as possible before we get there. 

I hope I don't abuse the forum, however I have now met 3 separate Amel owner and looking forward to meeting more. 

There are so many other questions I have but trying to do as much of my own research first. 


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Exactly what I expected, and for the reason I imagined. :)  The Autoprop blades have a couple more "degrees of freedom" than other feathering props!

Bill K

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