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Hi again Chris,
Kristy is my first sailboat, and my first big boat.  I was the absolute worst about asking questions that now seem straightforward.  The folks on this group were happy to take me by the hand and explain in detail how to diagnose and repair everything I asked about. No question is regarded as too simple to answer.  Without the group's help I probably would have given up after a year or two.  While I've learned a lot, I still learn something new with every question posed and the answers given.  Fire away, cousin Amelian!

Kristy is SM 243, built in 1998-99.  She came with a Volvo TMD22, 78 HP.  There was an AutoProp and a fixed spare aboard. I spent  $5000+ trying to figure out why she wouldn't get over 2300 rpm. (With the AutoProp OR the spare fixed prop). I finally got the numbers off the AutoProp, and Bruntons (AutoProp mfg) told me it was the prop recommended for an SM with the 100HP Yanmar.  Amel said they used the same prop for both engines.  I had the fixed prop checked by a prop shop and was told that it, too, was over-propped for my boat and engine.  I had the fixed prop repitched per their recommendation, and voila! 3200 rpm.
The only thing I didn't do was service the AutoProp, which I understand needs to be done every couple of years, even if the blades spin freely on the hub, and don't have noticeable wobble.  Others have had the same problem of low rpm that was solved by servicing the prop.

Amel sent me a one-page explanation of how they prop their boats which has as much to do with torque as horsepower.  I think it is in the interest of efficiency.  Somebody please correct me if I'm wrong about that.

Bruntons also told me that the model AutoProp had been discontinued, and that new blades were no longer available.

Hope that helps.

Kent Robertson
S/V Kristy
SM 243

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This is all now getting confusing!!!!
Max Prop, Auto Prop, c-drives, fixed prop, let me throw Spurs into the equation. 

The boat we are buying is a 1998, SM 224. 

What prop would have come standard from the factory at this time?

The original propeller had one of the blades depart. I believe that this prop is located at a local machine shop....if they can find it.  Aka: minus one blade.  I think I need to find out what this prop was before I proceed any further?

There is a fixed pitched prop fitted at the moment, I imagine this is the factory item, however I was happy to see there was a rope cutter fitted also. 

I shall do a little research and try to request a picture of the original prop. 

During sea trial, we could not get maximum rpm out of the engine with the fixed prop, only 2800rpm, I need to investigate why.  This was after pressure washing hull and cleaning the prop.  I suspect it could be blocked after the turbo, or the turbo needs an overhaul.  I shall investigate this later. 

We shall be moving to the boat (Thailand) later next month and want to organise as much as possible before we get there. 

I hope I don't abuse the forum, however I have now met 3 separate Amel owner and looking forward to meeting more. 

There are so many other questions I have but trying to do as much of my own research first. 


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