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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi all
Again I say. TMD 22 in Amel SM. Max revs under power is 2800rpm. If you were getting 3500 almost certainly the waste gate on the turbo was seized and the engine was being over turbo'ed.
This will lead to damage to the rings and pistons leading to loss of compression and loss of performance. The waste gates purpose is to limit the pressure provided by the turbo. As revs increase the waste gate progressively opens.
So once again. TMD 22. 2800rpm working max revs. No load it will happily run up to 4000 which is what misleads so many owners.
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Hi all,

Does anybody has an idea what I still can do with my engine (TMD22), that I get back my speed from 7 knots with 2300 RPM and with the max RPM of 3500 and a speed through the water with 8 knots?
I have already cleaned the tank and the diesel and I have changed the turbo charger because  the clap could be moved.

I had the happy situation with the max rpm and max speed two years ago and since then the performance went down.

Thanks for your remarks in advance.

Fair winds.

Philipp, Félicie
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PS: I got the information from the engine technician, that the engines can go to 4500 rpm but AMEL has put a bigger Propeller with the effect that max rpm is 3500 with turbo charger. So you can't overdrive the engine with max rpm. The consumation is only going up exponentially.... 

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