Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Isolated converter


I have an ICOM 710 that was original on the boat in 1999, and an AT 130? antenna tuner, also original equipment.  I can't receive any regular broadcasts (like Herb Hilgenberg in years past, Chris Parker, etc).  I was able to contact someone locally (a friend of a radio guy i had looking at it) transmitting on a know frequency, but didn't hear his reply.  I had the whole system checked by a radio guy, sent the radio to ICOM who said it was OK, and put an insulated backstay antenna when I replaced my rigging a few years ago.  Still no go.  I haven't had the tuner checked, I guess that'd be the next place to look.

Does anyone know a good radio technician in the Annapolis area?

Another issue is that my hearing is getting worse, especially when there's any background noise.  I'm wondering if it's worth spending any more money on SSB if I'm not going to be able to understand a thing anyway.  Has anyone used any kind of noise cancelling headphones to eliminate static or background noise?  Does it help?

I've used Iridium SatpHone for all at sea communications, and now have an InReach as well.


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