Super maramu questions

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I finally spend a few weeks cruising my SM2000 # 283 in a variety of
conditions. I would like to ask some questions.

1- Sails: The standard genoa that comes with the boat did not roller
reef well. Has anyone replaced this sail and what did you have made.
Have you added to the sail inventory and if you did what did you add.

2-Dodger windows: When taking significant spray and going into the
sun you are almost blind. Has anyone used anything on these windows
to improve visibility such as rainX? Also, the helmsman window
leaked is this normal and is there a way to seal it better.

3-Anchors: So far the standard anchor has worked well I also have a
40lb danford. What other anchors are being carried out there.

4- Davits: I am torn on this one. I dont like the look of them but I
think the convenience may sway me to add them. Any suggestions or

5-Communications: SSB? Satellite phone? E-Mail? I would like to hear
what works and what does not.

Thank you in advance for your reply.

Vito Ciaravino

Otherwise she was a confortable and fast yacht on my recent trip.

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