Re: Water pump for Climma A/C

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Steve:  Where on the pump was the smoke coming from.  Most likely it was the capacitor in the electrical box on the top of the pump (at least if it is a blue Calpeda pump).  Easily replaced for $15.  Anything more than that and a new pump might be in order.  March pumps have been used but one sized for that spot (as it services all three ACs is over $500 in a 220 VAC 50/60 hertz magnetic impeller variety.  I don't recall the gph (gallons per hour) rating of the Calpeda pump put I know it is listed on this website somewhere.  Try to match that if the easy and cheap start/run capacitor replacement doesn't work. 

Gary Silver   SM #335   s/v Liahona   Puerto Rico

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