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Sv Garulfo


Thanks for your input.

Yes, there is a clear path between the battery compartment (the switch part of it) and the hidden part of the bookshelf above the hanging locker. There are actually 2 openings in the bulkhead; at the top and one at the bottom. They exit in stern storage compartment of the companionway, behind a removable panel. The top one is used to run cables to the ceiling of the companionway, through a conduit covered in ceiling-type lining.  The bottom one is used to get to the battery compartment.  
(The big white flexible pipe is for the ventilation of the battery compartment). 

I can also easily get to the chart table cabinets from the bookshelf. I can give you more details. 

But my problem is really about the PVC tubes that connect the lazarette and that bookshelf. I have 2 openings on the bookshelf end, but only one in the lazarrette. The tube that's empty is, sadly, the deadened one. The other one is already pretty busy with all the SSB cables. 

I really believe Amel would have put the empty one for future use but I wonder how it is supposed to be used. Maybe something was missed on our boat ? I'm asking other 54 owners to check their setup, if possible. 

I'm also talking to Amel about it but I was looking for real life input too. 


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Thanks for your photos!

I have done this job on a Super Maramu, but not on a 54.

Try this and please let me know what yo find:
I think that there is a conduit between what you show in your photo "1.ACCESS+TO+WIRING" and the battery compartment.

Look closely at the inside of the storage cabinet door on the left above the battery bank. I think that the carpet covered panel inside that cabinet on the left side is removable...let me know.

I am certain that there is conduit that can bee seen on this side of the bulkhead that opens on the other side of the bulkhead shown in your photo "1.ACCESS+TO+WIRING."

What I believe you need to do is run the wire from the lazarette conduit shown in your photo "3.Inside+the+Lazarette" to the conduit shown in "1.ACCESS+TO+WIRING", then through another piece of conduit that passes through the bulkhead near the top, down to the battery box.

Again, let me know, I want to document this for all 54 owners.


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Hi all

Still working on that solar panels project.

Today was about planning the wiring between the lazarette and somewhere near the battery bank.

On our 54 there is a PVC tube that runs up from the lazarette to the back of a the book shelve located above the hanging cupboard at the chart table. It's used to run the BLU cabling, for instance the antenna coax. I was able to pull a line through it, happy.

Now, next to the chart table end of that tube, I can see another, smaller, empty tube. That looks like an ideal conduit for the cables. Except it does not exit anywhere, and the line puller blocks at what sounds like the bulkhead of the lazarette...

A few pictures to illustrate

Now the question:
Does anyone have a similar set up and know where this tube is supposed to end? 


Amel 54 #122
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Amel 54 #122
Cap d'Agde, France

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