Volvo D2-75 for a SuperMaramu

ianjenkins1946 <>

Hi All,

I am sorry to say that we have had a poor experience with TPS, the Volvo agents in Hyeres. Suffice it say that last winter they made a meal out a major service on our 17 year old TMD22P, and 150 hours later we still lack confidence in an engine which didn't miss a beat before they attended to it.

 I am 70  ( Judy remains 21 ) and God willing  can   look forward to another ten years or so of gentle cruising, but I am too busy now to have an unreliable engine.

So, ridiculous expense though it may sound, we are  thinking of swapping our old engine for a new one. Volvo have recommended the D2-75, 75 hp, no electrics beyond the starter motor ( a huge plus in my book )

Its feet and drive connection are said to be a good fit for the old engine.

The alternative would be the D3-110, but we have never been short of power with the TMD22P, which although 78hp is governed down to 60 hp by Amel. Also, I like the extra range that the smaller engine would give.

Has anyone had experience of a D2-75 in an SM ?

Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302, Greece  

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