Exhaust Fan for Cabin - Opinions?

Duane Siegfri

I'm thinking about building an exhaust fan that would temporarily lay over the outside of one of the Goit hatches.  It would be for use at anchor (or at the dock to save on air conditioning) to draw the cool evening air in and give a nice breeze.

It's a similar principle to a "whole house fan" for those familiar with them.

I found a 16" diameter fan meant to cool a truck radiator that runs on 24 volts at 6.5 amps for about $180 see - http://www.jegs.com/i/Flex-a-lite/400/39624/10002/-1  A fan meant to put up with road conditions should be fine outdoors, especially considering the northern roads get salted in the wintertime during snowfalls.  It has a plastic blade and housing.  It says it's quiet, but that's always a bit of a crap shoot.

This fan pulls almost 2000 cfm (note Hella Turbo Fans are 200 cfm on high speed).  If you closed the aft cabin door at night and opened the two small hatches you might not get the whole 2000 cfm, but even half of that would give you an air change every minute or two.  Imagine how much cooler it would be even on a warm night.  If you have several couples aboard you could put it on the main cabin hatch and it would pull air from the whole boat.

You could also use this in the cockpit to cool off in the evening and keep the bugs away or in the engine room.

The 12 volt version is only $100 and pulls a few more CFM, if you want to play with a converter.

If I go ahead with this I'll build a box style frame for the fan out of plastic wood (deck product from Home Depot or similiar) of a size that would fit against/over the Goit frames on the outside.  Slap some rubber on the part against the boat to damp out vibration noise and Bob's your Uncle!   It doesn't come with a switch, and is meant to directly connect to the batteries.The fan is reversible and you could use a "PWM" switch to modulate the fan speed and direction (I'll have to study up on PWM switches to be sure this is workable). 

The worst job for me will be installing a 24 volt outlet in the fwd and aft cabins.  The wiring in the aft cabin should be easy enough, just interrupt the dinghy inflator and put branch wire one into the aft cabin.

This seems like such an easy thing to do I'm wondering why you don't see it in the marine catalogs?

Has anyone else done this, or have any suggestions?



Wanderer, SM#477

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