Frigoboat Keel Cooler

Terence Singh

Just sent this to Coastal Climate Control, whom I purchased my Frigoboat Keel Cooler.

Is there any advise as to where to connect the Keel Cooler grounding tab to?

Hello Maureen, I finally got around to installing my Keel cooler…the boat is hauled out as we speak!

The Yellow sticker in the packaging states that the keel cooler should ALWAYS be connected to the negative battery.
I need to question this with you on an Amel Super Maramu. 

The bonding system is completely isolated from the negative DC side of the entire ship. Everything I have ever read states that the bonding system should not be attached to the negative battery circuit.

Can you tell me if it is ok to to connect the Keel cooler to the ships bonding system and not the battery negative?

Thanks in advance,


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