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Hi Ed, this is Johnīs wife Ruth. the original owner of our SM (#248) ordered the Ļking sizeĻ aft cabin bunk option from Amel when he bought the boat. It consists of board that fits between the permanent bunk and the front of the vanity, with a second cushion that goes on top. You donīt have to always use it of course. Both the board and the cushion store under the permanent bunk (similar to how the port side of the bow cabin bunk can be expanded) but they take up alot of volume. when deployed it uses virtually all the floor space of the aft cabin and the bunk is huge. I donīt like the king option at all, it is way too big so we dont use it ourselves as we find the aft bunk big enough, and it takes up too much good storage space if not deplyed. also, we have put a front on the vanity with two cabinet doors, so the king system blocks those doors from opening.

but John has used it when I was not on board and he had a boat load of guys doing an offshore run. The king expansion plus the lee board down the middle allowed two guys to bunk out back there with plenty of room for each of them. It also would be great if you wanted to throw a bunch of kids back there for a pajama party. Other than that it is not very useful and we donīt even have it on board right now.

I think the solution described in an earlier email by Pen Azen is a great one. It allows two people to sleep beamwise which is nice if you are in a rolly anchorage or offshore in rolly seas, yet it doesnīt completely use up all the floor space. We have already shortened the leeboard so that when it is rolly, one of us can sleep beamwise and the other can sleep fore & aft, but I think now we will reduce the size of the Amel-provided king bunk system we have to be like the one described by Pen Azen.


To: amelyachtowners@yahoogroups.comFrom: edmundsteele@earthlink.netDate: Sat, 6 Oct 2007 15:57:32 +0000Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Bigger Bed

My wife wants to expand the master cabin bed in our SM#331 by the addition of a small section of platform and a mattress section. This would block off the vanity of course BUT – has anyone done this? If so, how did it work? How was it made?EdDoodleBug

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