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Beaute Olivier

Hello Jacob,

originally, the big black switch is the breaker for both negative circuits of the engine starter batteries (2) and the service batteries (4).
On your Maramu, these negative circuits are connected, and can remain like this.

The 4 position switch is:
-UP position is OFF
-NORMAL position is both starter batteries circuit and service batteries circuit are ON (but separate and separately charged by their dedicated alternator when the engine is running)
-SECOURS means both starter batteries and service batteries positive are connected together (for emergency engine start)
-CHARGE means the battery charger is ON (you're connected to shore power and only the service batteries get charged from the battery charger); That's the "harbor" position.

I remember that when checking your Maramu, not all the batteries were there, and the starter batteries and service batteries were only one circuit.
I think that by now you have installed 6 new batteries and split the circuit into two separate (starter battery and service battery) circuits that get a charge from each alternator. 

The big top red handle is probably for the bow-thruster and for the windlass.

I hope someone with a close hull number can give you some more advice.

Have a nice afternoon.


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Hi all.

We're making slow but steady progress toward launching Lark at the end storm season.  Would anyone be able to shed some light on the function of these switches in the walk-through on this old girl? 

I think the top red one might be for the bow thruster?  The strange thing is that the back side of it has not just 1 red and black wire coming out of it, but 2 each.  Not sure what that's about.

I guess the ROLL-FOC must be the jib furler, and the RADIO must be the old SSB radio-telephone.

What is function of the large switch in the middle (labeled NORMAL, CHARGE, SECOURS)? Does it switch between the house and starter banks?  As in CHARGE would be the starter bank, NORMAL would be the house bank, and SECOURS would be both?  

What about the big black handle?  I have no idea what that's for.

Apologies for the n00b questions, and thanks for any input!

Jacob Champness
Lark, Maramu #202
St Martin

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