Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Bow thruster issues

Alexandre Uster von Baar

Good morning Ben,

On my SM2K, and I am pretty sure on yours too, there is a fuse, it is in the little black box, pictures will help you:

I hope this will solve your problem.
Remember (that in the event the sensors are not working) you can always control the up and down of the bow thruster from the forward cabin.
In short, switch off (like if you were sailing) the bow thruster (using the switch where you put the pin in).
Go to the cockpit and pick either up or down (depending on what you want).
Go back to the forward cabin, then activate the switch, now the bow thruster will go down and stop (using that switch) in the desired position.
Then go back to the cockpit and put everything in neutral.

Sincerely, Alexandre
Port de Gustavia, Saint Barthélémy, FWI


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Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] Bow thruster issues
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Date: Thursday, June 29, 2017, 7:54 AM


After a particularly rough passage
from Virgin Gorda to Sint Maarten, I noticed a good deal of
water under floorboard outside forward head.  I know from
 this forum that it was from thruster.  Thruster had been
removed and serviced last October while on the hard and
leaked not one drop.  In any event I used my Amel in the
water tool to remove unit for inspection.  I found that
both external foam gaskets were in place and not deformed as
was inside gasket.  And shaft seal was firmly in place.  I
re-installed  unit and proceeded to Le Marin - where
I'm now berthed.  Again more water but now I think I
know why. 
Apparently the clamp that
holds sensor labeled "H" -which I believe controls
upward stop position - broke.  (Sensor is hanging free by
its connection). This cased thruster to move way too far up
and then not far enough down which eventually mal adjusted
the rigging.  After using then thruster when  I arrived
into Le marin the unit came up and stuck in the up position.
It will now not move up or down.  Top cable is extremely
tight pulling thruster to a point above safety pin hole so
pin cannot be inserted.  Lower downward pull cable is
extremely loose.  All this indicates rigging much out of
alignment.  When I switch on the unit all three sensors -
H, B, and SP - light up when switches are flipped but no
My question --- Is there a
breaker or fuse on the up/down jack motor?  My control
box and sensors have power but I cannot get motor movement
down.  I need to get unit down some before I can proceed
with rigging adjustment.  
can of course go to Amel here in Le Marin. But I would like
to better understand the thruster.  
and Gayle La Bella Vita SM2 #347Le

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