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The Climma Compact units can be operated at 220 50 or 60htz. 

I believe that they are not marked that way because they function and perform as designed at 50htz. There are no microprocessors in the Climma Compact that would be adversely affected by 60htz...the only change when running on 60htz is the speed of motors: fan and compressor. Therefore, the Climma Compact units can be operated at 220 50 or 60htz, as stated in our Amel Manuals.

The other side of the coin is that those other brand AC units that are "marked" 50/60htz normally do not publish difference performance specs for each frequency.

I assume Climma wants to be pure in their labeling and performance specifications. I believe most experts agree that Climma is the best AC system that you can buy, whether you own an Amel or a 100 meter superyacht.

There was no Amel modification on SM 387 and I assume the answer to your question is no.


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From Alexandres photo, the unit is marked 220V 50hz, yet we can plug these into US power at 60 hz.  I just find it odd that they don't mark it with both frequencies...or did Amel modify it somehow?

The Dometic system that Eric mentions must have the same 50/60hz ability, but on the web site they list different units for 50hz vs 60hz, there isn't one that will handle either frequency.

I understand some appliances are not frequency sensitive, but I thought a compressor would be?

Just curious...

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