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Ben and Gayle Super Maramu #347

It was pinned on initial passage to Sint Maarten and then to Le Marin.  But now pin will not go in because shaft is too far up.  I pulled pin to use at Le Marin but did not notice rigging issues or dangling sensor.  Using it  with inoperable sensor and rigging out of alignment allowed unit to jam - I think.


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Was the bow thruster pinned in the UP position for the passage?

If it were me, I would go to Amel in le Marin for them to adjust. You may have burned up the actuator motor that lifts and lowers.


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After a particularly rough passage from Virgin Gorda to Sint Maarten, I noticed a good deal of water under floorboard outside forward head.  I know from  this forum that it was from thruster.  Thruster had been removed and serviced last October while on the hard and leaked not one drop.  In any event I used my Amel in the water tool to remove unit for inspection.  I found that both external foam gaskets were in place and not deformed as was inside gasket.  And shaft seal was firmly in place.  I re-installed  unit and proceeded to Le Marin - where I'm now berthed.  Again more water but now I think I know why. 

Apparently the clamp that holds sensor labeled "H" -which I believe controls upward stop position - broke.  (Sensor is hanging free by its connection). This cased thruster to move way too far up and then not far enough down which eventually mal adjust ed the rigging.  After using then thruster when  I arrived into Le marin the unit came up and stuck in the up position. It will now not move up or down.  Top cable is extremely tight pulling thruster to a point above safety pin hole so pin cannot be inserted.  Lower downward pull cable is extremely loose.  All this indicates rigging much out of alignment.  When I switch on the unit all three sensors - H, B, and SP - light up when switches are flipped but no movement.  

My question --- Is there a breaker or fuse on the up/down jack motor?  My control box and sensors have power but I cannot get motor movement down.  I need to get unit down some before I can proceed with rigging adjustment.  

I can of course go to Amel here in Le Marin. But I would like to better understand the thruster.  


Ben and Gayle 

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