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Beaute Olivier

Hello Jacob,

if turning the black handle does not cut the battery negative, this means it has been neutralized. However, you must have a way to turn off the negative, in case the positive breaker is out of order and there is an emergency that requires power OFF.
Indeed, if all 6 batteries are connected together, then CHARGE, SECOURS and NORMAL will be the same.
If you keep it like this, and install a separate battery for the engine, which is a good solution (just like a Super Maramu), then you could also replace the 4 position breaker with a dual pole breaker, turning off both 12V negative and positive of the service batteries.
The new engine battery could also be installed with a dual pole breaker.
You will also connect one of the alternators to the starter battery and the seconsd alternator to the 6 service batteries.
You should connect the battery charger only to the service batteries, the satretr battery being charged as soon as the engine is started (just like in a car).

Good luck.

On Thursday, June 29, 2017 3:53 AM, "jacob.champness@... [amelyachtowners]" wrote:

Thanks Olivier!  

So what effect should it have to turn the black one?  It doesn't seem to have any effect at all.

I didn't even notice that the switch in the middle had a fourth label, but sure enough, there it is: "ARRETE."  And sure enough it does cut all 12v power in the boat.  

You're correct, the 6 batteries are wired together in one bank as of now.  I have replaced the batteries but have not yet altered any of the wiring.  So with them wired together, are CHARGE and SECOURS effectively all the same thing?  

On that topic, I'm thinking of keep the 6 together as a larger house bank and adding a new starter battery, for which I'd add a new box in the forward, starboard corner of the engine compartment.  Would you see any issue with that?  

All the best, 
Jacob Champness
Lark, Maramu #202
St Martin

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