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I removed the Amel seat by taking out the bolts and slowly cut through the
mastic with a long razor knife. I had obtained two pedestals from New
Zealand,these are important because all the other makes do not seem to have
up/down and in/out movements with gas filled struts.The pedestal fits
perfectly on the centre line of the wheel and is secured with bolts through
six new holes in the floor of the cockpit. You have to remove the light
fitting in the engine space,cut away the foam sound proofing and put a
piece of marine ply larger than the base of the pedestal on the underside
of the cockpit floor to take the securing bolts and put mastic on the base
before fixing. Then fix the foam back with contact glue and refix the
The pedestal takes any of a number of plastic seats....mine was an import
from the States available in Europe and my wife made some removable
cushions secured by press studs and it looks great.
The lowest position of the seat is about level with the cockpit seats and
the highest position is similar to the Amel seat from which I coud not see
the horizon. As the seat swivels one can actually face the people in the
cockpit and turn back when you like,it can of course be locked in any
direction and the movements are very easy thanks to the gas struts.The
backwards and forwards movement is about three inches.
The table is then unfixable as the supports are gone but we are about to
get a fitting that will solve that problem although it will mean that the
table will be stored in a locker when not needed.
As the pedestal is made in NZ it is not expensive and could easily be sent
air freight.The fax no of the Kiwi company is on my boat and if you want it
let me know and I will send it on.
The second pedestal replaces the Amel stool which is easily removed by
taking out the bolt under the floor.The wooden base is fixed with a mastic
and has to be cut away with a chisel. The floor is strong enough to take
the pedestal bolted down through a new hardwood pad and I moved the
position of the seat forward as far as possible,ie so that the pad still
covers the hole which supported the original stool. It might have been
better if I had moved the position an inch or so nearer the centre line of
the boat.
Moving the position forward gets the seat out of the way a bit and suits us
as we are right handed at the chart table.
The seat was then upholstered and is very comfortable and suits us who are
over six feet tall and also my grandchildren who are about four feet high
I would post some pics to this site if I knew how !!!!!

Regards John Hollamby

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