Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Exhaust Fan for Cabin - Opinions?


Hi Duane,
I have an awning that comes in three parts forward cockpit and after it cools the boat down a good 10°, and you can put your cockpit cover away allowing air to come over the dodger and through the cockpit.

Before I got the awning, I ran the fan for the Espar to move some air, but it was minimally effective.

 I have also seen a Hatch added to the aft cabin top over the berth.  It is said to add greatly to the air flow and comfort in the aft cabin. I am going to install one, too.

Either of these are energy independent.  Probably better than the fan.  

Kent Robertson
S/V Kristy
SM 243

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I looked up a 127mm computer fan (a big one???) and it was only 141 cfm, not big enough to make the difference I'm looking for, even in groups of four.  On the plus side, it is very low on amperage draw and quiet.  It would be fine for ventilating your boat to keep some small air movement going.

I'm looking for an alternative to air conditioning, and that would require mass air movement.  There is often a 10 or 15 degree differential between inside the boat and outside the boat in the hot season early in the evening when we turn in.  Bringing the cooler outside air inside in mass quantities is the answer.


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