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It is likely that water leaked because the bottom foam seals were distorted because the bow thruster was raised to high, and/or the binding of the bow thruster caused misalignment of the tube through the lip seal which also would cause some water to pass by the lip seal.. Whether or not they will return to their original shape is anyone's guess.


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I have yet to get complete resolution on thruster as I'm waiting for Amel to service the unit next week.  Here's what I've discovered so far.  First, I found that I blew a 10 amp automotive type fuse located in control box  (thanks Alex). This happened  when thruster went all the way up without stopping.  After replacing that fuse, jack motor works fine.  Why did this happen?  The band holding the "UP" stop sensor broke free allowing sensor to move to a position which did not recognize motor had travelled too far.  Also,  as a result of excessive motor travel, rigging cables are out of adjustment.  I'm assuming this but 20 hours of pounding seas may have loosened the rigging.   What I still don't understand is how thruster could leak with pin in and two good outside foam gaskets.  Could bad shaft seal be culprit?   Not sure.  

I did read Gary Silver's excellent article on adjusting  the bow thruster rigging.  I now understand the interplay amongst the up/down sensors and rigging cables.  If you adjust one,  you must adjust the others.  For the first cable adjustment, I've decided to take Bill R's advise and let Amel do the job.  Hopefully I'll learn from watching.

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Either the stop sensor is not working, or it is not aligned correctly.


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When you have a resolution I would love to hear what it is.

I've been having the same issue with my bow thruster.  It will work normally for several down/use/up cycles, then it will blow the fuse.  When the fuse is blown the "at-sea" pin will not go through the hole since the shaft is too high.  I had Peg raise and lower it repeatedly and it always lined up with the "at-sea pin".  Apparently every once in a while it overshoots and I can't figure out why.

The wire rope raising the thruster is tight and the others loose, as you described yours.

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