Replacement Generator exhaust hose (install)

Terence Singh

During Libby's haul out this week, we bit the bullet and decided to change out the Generator exhaust hose and Vetus Waterlock. Good decision as the original hose was in very bad condition.

The yard did a good job, how ever I have one question that I need help with.

The factory installation of the exhaust hose had it loop upwards out the the Waterlock to the underside of the cockpit floor.

The new installation has the hose looping up  to within 6 inches of the underside of the cockpit floor.

The anti syphon break is still in its original original position.

My question. 

Is the  6 inch difference in the loop height critical especially if the boat is heeled over hard.

Pictures of the difference in installation height are attached.

Any clarity would be appreciated.


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