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Mark Erdos

Thanks to everyone to contributing to this posting. My compass has been dark for the past year. I could never figure out how to get to the bulb. Then, I was sidetracked to other stuff. I’ll take another stab at this. It would be nice to see where I am going.



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Hi Bill & All,


Some progress on this issue, although not yet resolved.

Thanks to some info here and on Club Amel site (french), we were able to dismount the compass.


Lights are located under the 3-parts cover, which can be removed by unclipping the side logos. This will reveal 2 large screws on each side. Once removed, you can access the lights/wiring. 

We have also contacted Plastimo re. spare references.


Bill, you are right, only post 2016 is LED, and replacement should be done like for like (ours is therefore incandescent).

Our current issue is that Plastimo said from a photo that our circuit is not the original one. We have 3 bulbs with a resistance, they think it should be 2.

We are looking for guidance on whether to replace and revert to the original circuit, or replace as is. Waiting for a response from Amel as to why they would have done it this way (there must be a good reason...).

Photos and catalogue page saved under photos > album.


Please let us know if any queries or info.

Many thanks




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I read that once the bottom plate is removed that the wires and light slip out with a slight tug on the wires. I also read that the new LED plastimo bulb is not compatible with the older non-LED compass.


I am not sure of the accuracy of this information and if you do this job, please confirm this.


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Dear Amelians,


Has anyone had to replace the light of their Plastimo Magnetic Compass?

- is that done through the front or back of the compass?

- do you know what bulb is required?


With thanks in advance,







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