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And if that relief valve fails to close all the way due to a bit of debris or a weak spring it can lead to low oil pressure, especially at low rpm. 

The oil pumps on most all engines will produce way more flow and pressure at higher RPM then the engine needs. When it rises above specification, the relief valve opens and keeps it steady.  That is why you typically see oil pressure build as the rpm rises, but only to a point.  Once the valve begins to open, it stays pretty constant after that as the RPM rises.

On my TMD22 at idle oil pressure is about 20psi.  By the time you get to 1500rpm it reaches 55psi and then rises no higher all the way to full speed.  That is the result of the oil pressure relief valve opening.

I do agree with Bill R. that checking the sender is the place to start.  Making sure the problem is real before tearing into the guts of the engine is a very good idea.

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  As far as I know, all engines with pressurized oil systems also have a pressure relief valve which bypasses the excess oil at a preset pressure.  I can tell you that if the valve gets stuck closed that it can really make a mess when the oil filter blows off. (Grin)   In the case of being unsure of an electronic oil pressure reading, I like to connect a mechanical gauge to help eliminate the guessing. 

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I do not believe the D3-110 has any adjustment for oil pressure. It does have a "safety valve," but I am not sure of that valve's function.

I would eliminate #1 before investigating others.

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