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Thanks. I, too, like all the features that you highlight. It's almost as though Volvo have been listening to the sailing community ( surely a first ! ).

 For the time being we we are persevering with our TMD ( now on to the third warranty claim against the  Volvo guys  in Hyeres who  partly rebuilt it--nothing major each time, a starter motor that had been rebuilt and that came with 12 months warranty but didn't actually start the engine when trying to seek shelter in a rising mistrale off St Tropez and which failed again off Rome; a major oil leak from the  new pipe which returned oil to the sump--only for the replacement  pipe also to fail; and now three oil leaks which have appeared after 150 hours, one from the new turbo which leaks oil onto the top of the gear box. ) We are  ashore at Cleopatra in the Ionian, a  competent yard with a Volvo agency ( for what that's worth...) and they are going to run the engine and  ( maybe !)sort out the leaks.

 Incidentally, when I told TPS that we had to buy a new starter motor ( don't ask the cost) on the advice of the Volvo agent in Rome their response was that before they agreed to reimburse me the cost of their " specialist" subcontractor who had rebuilt the starter motor  in Hyeres I would have to mail the defective starter motor back from Rome to Hyeres ( presumably to check if I and the Rome Volvo agent were telling lies...). I leave you to guess my reply.

The work carried out by the French Volvo guys involved, amongst other things, a regrinding of one of the injector points in the cylinder head. They sent this off to a " specialist " who they claimed to have used for 20 years. On return they put it back, only to find lots of smoke. They concluded that the injectors and  fuel pump might be faulty so they took these off and sent them off to Bosch who declared them sound. This prompted them to realise that their faithful "specialist" had messed up, so the engine was stripped down again and the cylinder head sent back for the work to be redone. Guess what ...? on reassembly there was more smoke, so they concluded that their faithful " specialist " had messed up again. This time they put a new cylinder head on , at their own expense, which they claimed was some 6,000 Euros.

 Alas, we were back in London at this time and we were blocking an Amel berth when we should have been ashore for the winter, so I basically said to TPS to do whatever was necessary to get the engine going again so we could vacate the berth and go ashore.

 I hate to tell you this, but their bill  for a part rebuild came to substantially more than a new engine. Amel in Hyeres were very embarrassed as they had recommended TPS. I got Amel to sit down with TPS and check their bills but at the end of the day how can you query the hours that they said their mechanic took and which they said did not include any repeat work ?

  We all know that Volvo parts are pricey and I can understand in part why they might be ,because they carry spares for an engine that it at least 20-25 years old--though built in the tens of thousands, mainly for light trucks all over the world. Having said that, the price that I paid  to TPS was outrageous, and maybe a symptom of the fact that in the most developed part of our planet there is now a significant shortage of skilled labour--it's easier to replace a part than to  clean and refit it. I know that a similar job would have been done in Turkey for about 1/4 the price.

So, a long and expensive saga, and unless we quickly regain confidence you can understand why , despite the cost, we might just say to hell with it, we have a fabulous boat which justifies a totally reliable engine and the answer is to reward this boat, which has taken us to so many wonderful places, with a new engine.

For the most part Judy and I, who are not technically minded,  have been able to sort out all the maintenance on our three Amels ourselves, so wonderfully designed are they. Whenever we have had to call in expert assistance the guys helping us, whether in South America, the UK or the Med, have loved working on a boat which they can see is so well engineered. The problems we have had with TPS have been a first in 28 years of owning Amels, so maybe we shouldn't complain too much, but .....

Watch this space !

Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302, Cleopatra, Preveza, Greece

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Ian and Judy,

I have no personal experience with the D2-75, but it does look like a good match for the SM.

I like the all mechanical operation.

I like the low end torque.  I find this to be the biggest issue with my TMD22.  Sometimes when bucking into a strong headwind, I have a choice between "too slow" or "too fast", and response to short busts of throttle when in close quarters is less than I am used to.

I like that it seems to be a good fit in the existing engine footprint.

I like that it is naturally aspirated.  

If you do decide to go with that engine, I hope you'll post about your experiences.  It would be valuable to those of us with aging powerplants who are considering repowering.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Edgartown, Martha's Vineyard.

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