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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi Ian,
The installers routed the exhaust across the engine to the box. They had to cut, turn, and weld the entry tube to meet it. I thought a better alternative was to swap the box to the other side. I believe it would have fitted there. However they were doing the install.
The gear box was a bolt on. No trouble. New instrument panel and looms to it, glad they were doing that bit and not me. Throttle cable no trouble.
They had to construct a frame for the 24 volt house battery alternator, used the same alternator
The installers were long time Volvo service and sales agents in Auckland NZ,   they seemed to know their job.
I seriously considered the yanmar equivalent. Went Volvo because of the drop in and bolt up would keep the install costs down.
I was told later by an industry person that the install can cost as much as the engine. Mine did not by a long way.
I unbuckled the old one my self and did a lot of the straight forward jobs putting the new one in and kept a close hand on what was done.
The prep on the new one was done and we lifted the old one out and dropped the new in concurrently with the same crane.
I'm still not sure a full overhaul of the tmd22 rebore, shaft grind and rings and bearings etc wouldn't have been a better way. But the pros tell me not.
I think the turbo starts about 1800 to 2000 rpm, just from a mechanics comment.
Happy to answer any other questions
SM 299
Ocean Pearl

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 Hi Danny,

Very interested to read your email and would love to hear more. 


With the exhaust on the other side were you still able to connect to the original stainless muffle box ?

How accessible is the seawater pump ? it's good that it no longer sits above the engine.

Are you sure that the D2-75 is lighter than the TMD ? The specs I have seen suggest much the same weight.

We usually cruise at about  6.3-6.5k if motoring any distance--often for many hours in the Med. That means about 17-1900 revs, depending on the sea condition.   How does that compare ?

Top speed with the TMD in flat calm with a clean bottom and prop is about 8.3, 8.4k at 2800revs.  How does this compare ?

Do you know at what revs the turbo kicks in ? We religiously give our TMD a blast every 12 hours or so. Waste of diesel, but apparently it keeps the  turbo happy.

Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302 Greece

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Hi Ian.
You may have noticed a while ago my post re damage caused by over turboing the tmd22 when the waste gate freezes. It caused the death of our tmd but only after much expense based on bad advice. We installed the d2-75. Good fit. Had to make a little spacer and then it bolted neatly to the angle bars the engine bolts to. The exhaust is on the opposite side, no trouble. It is a turbo engine, 50hp turboed to 75.
A lighter engine, you can see the difference on the waterline. Good torque, will pull the rated max revs even with fouling on the prop. If you decide to go that way I can give you more details
WARNING. Amel told me not to put the 110 in as the c drive in mine is not built for that HP. The later models that were fitted with the 110 had an upgraded c drive. You have been warned
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Hi All,

I am sorry to say that we have had a poor experience with TPS, the Volvo agents in Hyeres. Suffice it say that last winter they made a meal out a major service on our 17 year old TMD22P, and 150 hours later we still lack confidence in an engine which didn't miss a beat before they attended to it.

 I am 70  ( Judy remains 21 ) and God willing  can   look forward to another ten years or so of gentle cruising, but I am too busy now to have an unreliable engine.

So, ridiculous expense though it may sound, we are  thinking of swapping our old engine for a new one. Volvo have recommended the D2-75, 75 hp, no electrics beyond the starter motor ( a huge plus in my book )

Its feet and drive connection are said to be a good fit for the old engine.

The alternative would be the D3-110, but we have never been short of power with the TMD22P, which although 78hp is governed down to 60 hp by Amel. Also, I like the extra range that the smaller engine would give.

Has anyone had experience of a D2-75 in an SM ?

Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, SM 302, Greece  

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