Re: Jib Furler problem with partly furled sail


I finally got the clutch pin out and found that it was substantially bent.  The clutch pin "handle" was reversed because the bent pin would not permit the handle to be mounted properly, which also caused it to not engage all of the plate.

Maude does not have any, she offered one "that we still have on our shelves", which had a hexagonal section just below the "handle", and was obviously not the correct one.

I'm planning on ordering one made from a machine shop.  Since the cost of having one made is mostly the set up cost if anyone wants one they can let me know in the next few days and I'll include it in the order.  I will post a photo of mine for you to check.  If someone is interested I'll forward the drawing I'll use to order the part so you can check yours against the drawing.

Has anyone heard of this pin bending before??? 

Wanderer, SM#477

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