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Unfortunately, I'm not back to the boat for another week, but I do have spare rivets and the specs on the boat. I'm fairly certain you can find the rivet size on one of the forum threads. I had to drill mine out when I rebuilt my furler, and then put new ones in. They are fairly large aluminum rivets, and you will need a big rivet gun with lots of leverage to get them in. According to Olivier, they are aluminum, and intended to shear under an extreme load instead of damaging the gearbox. Keep spares, as they do occasionally shear. I bought a whole box from fastenal. 


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Thanks you. I suspected it there should be rivets. I have eight holes (four on each side). The holes are in the drum and the foil. They look like they align. There is nothing in these holes other than silicone. I can lift the foil up above the drum and there is no evidence of any connector ever being there. This has been the way since we purchased the boat and only now are we having issues to warrant a close inspection of the set up.


Does anyone know the size of the rivets I should use???? I am assuming pop rivets?



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Hey Mark,


I'm assuming you are referring to the rivet holes which hold the aluminum extrusion in place. You should have a total of 8 rivets around it. I can't tell from the pictures if the rivets are in the holes...are they? It is normal for them to be covered with silicone. 



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Could someone look at the attached picture and tell me if something is suppose to go in these holes (I circled them in the photo)?



Currently the foil rotates independently from the drum drive thingamajig (the grey wheel attached to the motor), I have four holes that have been filled with silicone. The foil only rotates when the sail is on and is attached to both the foil and the drum. Should the foil be attached to the drum with something in these holes? If so, how?



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