Re: roller furling questions

Gary Wells

I had the foil's rivets replaced with ss bolts in Martinique by the Amel rigger there. They installed pre-tapped ss "receivers" on the inside of the foil in order to strengthen the entire connection point. TefGel is the answer here, as well as checking the bolts every couple of months for a while until they get fully seated.
To me, this again represents Amel's ability to adapt and improve based on customer feedback and problems that crop up. It's a great fix that is holding up perfectly. Once a set of rivets begin to wear and elongate the holes, it's time to apply the stronger fix.
The forestay and foil were down for this fix.
Also, there is now a "crayon" to install inside the swivel. It is a piece of Teflon that fits into the slot on the foil where the swivel's locating tab fits. It prevents any side-to-side lash of the swivel in it's track.

Gary W.
S/V Adagio
Marmaris, Turkey

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