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Hi Mark,
You'll have to measure the hole diameter yourself because they may have been enlarged when they were drilled out. And, since you can lift the extrusion out of the socket you can also measure the thickness (rivet length) you'll need. You may find one or more holes a bit larger than others, depending on how carefully they were drilled out.  If so enlarge all the holes so you can deal with only one diameter rivet. This it not a fabrication requiring extreme precision - witness the several versions other posters have mentioned from monel rivets, to ss allen bolts, etc.- although I'd recommend Al rivets like the original. 
Good luck with it - a fun project!
Craig, SN#68 Sangaris; Abacos, Bahamas 

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Thanks you. I suspected it there should be rivets. I have eight holes (four on each side). The holes are in the drum and the foil. They look like they align. There is nothing in these holes other than silicone. I can lift the foil up above the drum and there is no evidence of any connector ever being there. This has been the way since we purchased the boat and only now are we having issues to warrant a close inspection of the set up.


Does anyone know the size of the rivets I should use???? I am assuming pop rivets?



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