Re: Exhaust Fan for Cabin - Opinions?


Hi. Sorry about a late post on this.  In our aft cabin we have had very good performance from a Caframo Sirocco fan.  It has 3 speeds and at 24V its draw is: 0.06 amps for 90cfm, 0.11 amps for 114 cfm and  0.17 Amps for 140 cfm.  It is easy to run a wire under the wood trim from the 24V supply to the rear cabin lights. The fan is quiet and fully gimbaled so it can be flipped if you want to use it to exhaust air or angled to direct air to a specific area in the rear stateroom.  It is very quiet.  What is most unique is that if mounted correctly (see link to photos) it can be flipped up (held by sturdy detents, not friction) to operating positions or flipped down flush with the bulkhead and completely out of the way.  The fan is fairly large and can move a great deal of air but we almost always use it on the low setting.  We have never had any success with the idea of pulling air through the boat and exhausting out the rear hatch, but it works very well to pull air in.  It also has a timer so you can set it for 2,4,6 hours or continuous.  We don't know what we would do without it.  Note that one of the pictures shows a black-out curtain that we have that drops in front of the fan but does not restrict air flow.  This gives you privacy at the dock even when ventilating. It also clears security bars if you have them. We also have 2 Hella fans on the rear bulkhead but do not use them.   Fan:  Pictures installed

We have awnings and not used our AC for 2 years (accept to cycle it for maintenance).
Bob and Suzanne, KAIMI SM 429 Venice

On an unrelated matter--if you are like us and use paper towels in the engine room for projects like oil changes, you may relate to the problem of having to grab the roll with an oily hand, struggling to tear off a sheet or having it unroll etc.  Here is a low tech solution--we don't store it there, just place it for projects when you rip off a sheet the next one is there to pull

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