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   Certainly structurally speaking monel and stainless are good choices for this application.  With Monel being a lot higher on the galvanic scale than aluminum,  I was wondering if anyone that has used the monel rivets had any corrosion issues?   I will be working on my furler soon to change the rigging so need to make a decision on the fasteners to install.  Currently I have what appear to be the original aluminum rivets and they still seem to be sound.  (my boat so far has the original rigging)   I certainly like the idea of a removable fastener to make access easier and have had good luck with the Tef-gel with stainless and aluminum.  It would be great to hear from someone like Oliver on whether the aluminum rivets act as a weak link in the connection between the furler and the extrusion to prevent damage to the system.   If this is the case, then I would go back with the aluminum rivets and accept the complication of drilling the next time.

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Hi Danny,
Then again, it may be that the Captain purposely used softer Aluminum rivets as a safety so they would sheer before anything else broke. Kind of like a sheer pin on an (older) outboard motor prop. Several of us have posited that idea, although I don't think we've gotten a definitive reply from someone like Olivier Beaute. In any case, it seems a reasonable and conservative approach rather than harder stuff like monel and stainless steel Allen screws. (Yes, I did read the posts that Amel Matinique is using the ss Allen screws. Lots of ways to skin a cat, I guess.) 
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If you use rivers monel are the best. Inert. That is no corrosion and v ery strong, Ali are  far too soft and sheer easily.



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Stainless screws are fine if you use something like Tefgel to isolate them. 

Even if you do go with aluminum screws, use Tefgel. The difference in alloys is enough to cause trouble, and the Al screws are not strong enough to remove if there is even a trace of corrosion. Talk to anybody who head had to remove the Al screws Amel used to attach the boom tracks!

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