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I use a small nerf ball that I stuff around the chain in the hawsepipe.  It stops all but a little water from getting in.  Get a few extras as they deteriorate in the sun after a year or so.

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Yep, this can happen if you have a lot of water on deck. The SM 53 came from Amel with a  rubber flapper assembly that would line up with the chain and keep a good percentage of the water from coming into the chain locker. Many have perished and are gone. I like to use GREAT STUFF that one can get from any big box home improvement store in the USA. Do a web search. For our friends further afield, it is an expanding foam in an aerosol can that is used to fill cracks and voids in home construction and repair projects that has different names in foreign markets.. Spray the foam liberally around the anchor chain hawse hole. Let it dry and it stops 99% of the water from coming in. Just using the anchor/moving the chain causes it to crumble into dust and disperse which could aggravate some more eco minded folks.


One way valves are sometimes problematic and more so when hair and soap scum can be expected.


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When sailing in rough weather with the wind in from starboard, the water that find its way in through the chain locker and then going down to the bilge. Some of that goes back into the forward head shower drain. Is it something like a one way valve missing? The hose going from the shower are connected directly with the anchor locker drain by a y connection only. We are thinking of installing a one way valve. are we alone experience this?

Paul on SY Kerpa SM #250. still on the hard in Chesapeake bay

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