Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Salt water intrusion on forward head

Mike Ondra

I have found that Plastilina Modeling Clay works great for sealing around the chain. Can be molded right into the hole and around the chain links. Seems to be completely waterproof and stays nicely in place for an indefinite period of time. Easy to remove and reuse for the next passage. And if forgotten about when lowering the anchor simply pulls out with the anchor chain.


Mike Ondra


Rock Hall, MD


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When sailing in rough weather with the wind in from starboard, the water that find its way in through the chain locker and then going down to the bilge. Some of that goes back into the forward head shower drain. Is it something like a one way valve missing? The hose going from the shower are connected directly with the anchor locker drain by a y connection only. We are thinking of installing a one way valve. are we alone experience this?

Paul on SY Kerpa SM #250. still on the hard in Chesapeake bay

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