Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] main engine prop seals

Richard Piller <richard03801@...>

Dave, Be sure to replace the rubber o-ring seal in the
new bushing. Second. Use the old bushing to push the
new seals in... be sure there are no burrs or bumps on
the old bushing... This makes sure that you get an
even push on the new seals and don't damage anything.
Good luck
Richard and Joan SM 209
--- drdavegoodman <> wrote:

I have just changed the main engine prop seals with
the bushing and
seals obtained from Amel. A special proper
extractor tool or 3/way
puller was needed, which we fashioned in the yard
I'm in (Independent
Boat Yard Marina on St. Thomas, USVI). When
inserting the new seals,
we used a large cutlass bearing (large brass
cylinder) that was about
the same outer diameter as the new seals to seat the
new seals in
place. I wonder what others have used for this
process of re-seating
the new seals.

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