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The bridge at Snows Cut south of wrightsville beach, nc. can be navigated at dead low tide ( the tide time given for carolina beach inlet ( south of Masonboro inlet). I take my Sm #349 through frequently, but be prepared to pass caroline beach inlet 2hours earlier and anchor in entrance to the cul de sac leading to the town center of carolina beach. The docks on the south of snowns cut in the cul de sac are not deep enough for the 6.5 feet as the tide drops. Murray Seidel "sundance" . 910-470-1225. Also suggest going to the corps of engineer's office and taking charts and speaking with the navigation section people. They are very helpful.

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Subject: [Amel Yacht Owners] More Inland Waterway Questions

We are fairly new members of the group and are heading south from
Maine in two days.

Has anyone talen a 53' Super Maramu from Norfolk, VA. to Beaufort, NC.
recently. We are especially concerned about bridge heights and water
depth. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Joe #86
"Brown-Eyed Girl"

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